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What is UAT Nirvana?

This is how we describe it in our latest webinar...

"A bliss-like state where user acceptance testing is carried out effortlessly by engaged business users, helping to make software release-ready and lowering overall risk to an enterprise."

Watch our exclusive video now and discover:

  • The pillars that successful UAT is built upon 
  • The five steps you need to take to reach UAT Nirvana
  • Top tips from our team of experienced UAT experts

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About Original Software

Original Software is an award-winning provider of application quality management and software testing products. Our truly code-free testing platform increases software quality and allows our customers to innovate faster while massively reducing risk.

With the rise of cloudification, integrated applications and continuous ERP updates, change is happening faster than ever, and often out of your control. We help our customers mitigate the risk of these changes, speeding up software delivery by 60% and helping to eliminate defects reaching production.

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